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Overview - What is the NVQ?

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What is the NVQ?
A Certification is an accredited award indicating a person's ability to perform/operate in a given area. Certifications must meet the competency standards set nationally and or regionally. Our National Certification Programme is called TT N.V.Q and the regional programme is called C.V.Q.

General Benefits of Certification

  • A certificate which attests to competence
  • Awarded on the achievement of competence in a qualification
  • Recognized by employers island wide
  • Recognized in CARICOM and Commonwealth countries
  • Based on standards determined by industry
  • Recognized by regional and international awarding bodies
Benefits to the Individual
  • Provides relevant qualifications that are internationally recognized
  • Proves that an individual has attained competence in a given set of work activities
  • Ensures a better match of pay to ability and responsibility
  • Enables an individual to make progress in his/her career by moving from one level to another
  • Provides clear learning goals so that an individual can see what skills are needed to become fully competent in a particular work function
Benefits to the Employer
  • Find the right workers
  • Measure worker’s skill and experience
  • Recognize worker’s achievement

To find out more about competency standards please click here

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